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In this award-winning queer fiction podcast, an eldritch

narrator follows the increasingly connected residents

of the forest at the end of the world.

New episodes every Wednesday, and weekly

bonus stories on Patreon!

Come walk between the black pines!


You can start your journey into the Hallowoods wherever you get your podcasts. Like most stories, it's best to start at the beginning. You'll find disparate plot threads and characters coming together in unexpected ways as your journey into the Hallowoods continues.

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How scary is it?

A nonbinary frankenstein piecing together their identity, a trans ghost dealing with his occultist father, and an invisible man finding love at first sight are par for the course in the Hallowoods. 


In its darker moments, the show can explore themes like religious trauma, isolation and grief, and is often bittersweet rather than shocking.


That's not to say there aren't moments of horror ranging from folk to cosmic. For the discretionary listener, you can find content warnings at the end of the episode description on your podcatchers, or at the start of each episode transcript.


It's been described as a show that helps you sleep easier, rather than one that keeps you up at night. 


Who's it by?

William A. Wellman, a gay and nonbinary horror author, writes and produces Hello From The Hallowoods as well as providing the voice of the narrator-character Nikignik. 

William guest stars in many other fiction podcasts such as Old Gods of Appalachia, The Silt Verses, and Woe.Begone, as well as actual plays and interviews about writing. You can find more of their portfolio here.


William is also writing tie-in books set in the world of the Hallowoods, like the upcoming novel

'One Hundred Eyes In The Dark'. 


How does it run? 

Hello From The Hallowoods has a commitment to remaining ad-free and sponsor-free! No mattress subscriptions or meal boxes to be found. As such, the full-time production of this show is only made possible through our show patrons.


The patron community gets weekly bonus stories that serve as the post-credit scenes for each episode, access to a large library of behind-the-scenes content, the ability to attend Weekly Q&A livestreams, and more. If you've enjoyed your trek in the Hallowoods so far, consider helping us keep the show going!


From time to time, people say some pleasant things about this show. Here's what they thought:

"It's built on queer joy. It's such a wonderful festival of LGBTQ+ expression and identity and existence and love and self-love, and it's beautiful."

"Leaning into the dreamy and unreal side of horror, Hallowoods thrives when it’s getting to the root of deeply buried issues of identity and acceptance. Often surprisingly kind at its heart, Hallowoods can be a surprisingly wholesome (if still terrifying) listen."

Sara Century, 

Podcast Review

"...You can bet that you’re going to be feeling the leaves brushing past on all sides, the twigs and stones on the ground, and the wind stinging your eyes. This is the kind of show you want to build a whole conspiracy board-style mind map for, and it’s definitely worth the effort."

Reet Arora,


"The writing is superb, the score is incredible, and the amount of heart, thought, and devotion to this show shines through in a soul-crushingly beautiful way. Well done, folks."



"...A horror show that helps you sleep easier than one that keeps you up at night. While scary at moments, it doesn’t linger there, returning to something more tender and sweet before you get too frightened."

Tal Minear,


"It's really rare to find a podcast whose words are as well-written when they are spoken as they are when they're written in a transcript."



"Do you like hearing separate narratives converge while combing through previous parts to catch clues you may have missed? ...Perhaps some cheerful existentialism mixed with messages of profound hope from a friendly cosmic watcher? Please, I am begging y’all, listen to Hello From the Hallowoods!

Kayla Martin-Grant,

Divination Hollow

"Hello From The Hallowoods is more than just a phenomenal podcast - it's one of the best ongoing stories I've ever engaged with."


Apple Podcasts

"Hello from the Hallowoods trails with you and a lantern through a dark forest, examining the shadows for one to make you gasp, one to make you laugh, and one to kindly tear your heart and stitch it up again."

Elena Fernández Collins,


"This podcast is a love letter to horror anthology audiodramas, with lots of queer rep, endearing characters, and an elaborate overarching storyline that connects the many, many characters."



"Hello from the Hallowoods seemed to pull from a wide range of horror subgenres in thematic ways..."

Aigner Wilson,

Discover Pods




"I’m constantly impressed at how they’re able to depict such a wide range of diverse and distinct characters – I genuinely forget at times that it’s just one person behind all of the characters in an episode."


Catching Up On...

"If I had a nickel for every time a Canadian has made me cry my own gay tears I would have a lot of currency which is of no use to me in my place of residence."

Lou Sutcliffe,



Hello From The Hallowoods has been the recipient of some audio drama accolades, including: 

LGBTQ+ Podcast Of The Year (8).png
LGBTQ+ Podcast Of The Year (7).png
LGBTQ+ Podcast Of The Year (1).png
LGBTQ+ Podcast Of The Year.png
LGBTQ+ Podcast Of The Year (4).png
LGBTQ+ Podcast Of The Year (7).png
LGBTQ+ Podcast Of The Year (5).png
LGBTQ+ Podcast Of The Year (6).png
LGBTQ+ Podcast Of The Year.png
LGBTQ+ Podcast Of The Year (1).png
LGBTQ+ Podcast Of The Year (3).png
LGBTQ+ Podcast Of The Year (6).png
LGBTQ+ Podcast Of The Year (4).png
LGBTQ+ Podcast Of The Year (2).png
LGBTQ+ Podcast Of The Year (3).png
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LGBTQ+ Podcast Of The Year (5).png
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