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In this award-winning queer horror fiction podcast, the nightmarish Nikignik broadcasts three weekly stories directly to your dreams, exploring the lives of LGBTQ+ survivors as they grapple with twisted wildlife, the Instrumentalist, and other terrors

in the forest at the end of the world. 

Come walk between the black pines.


You can start your journey into the Hallowoods wherever you get your podcasts. Since the individual stories form a complex ongoing plot, it's recommended to begin at Episode 1: Keys.


How scary is it?

A Frankenstein's Monster exploring what it means to be nonbinary and an invisible man finding love at first sight are par for the course in the Hallowoods. In its darker moments, the show can explore themes like religious trauma, isolation and grief, but never lingers there for long.


It's been described as a show that helps you sleep easier, rather than one that keeps you up at night. 


Who's it by?

William A. Wellman, a gay and nonbinary horror author, writes and produces Hello From The Hallowoods as well as providing the voice of the narrator-character Nikignik. 


William is also writing books set in the world of the Hallowoods, like the upcoming novel

'One Hundred Eyes In The Dark'. 


How does it run? 

Patrons are vital for the production of Hello From The Hallowoods, which runs without ads or sponsors. The patron community makes it possible to create weekly episodes, as well as spinoff projects like the upcoming tie-in novel.

For the weekly bonus story, access to a library of behind-the-scenes content, weekly Q&A's and more, you can visit the Hallowoods Patreon. 


Hello From The Hallowoods has been the recipient of some audio drama accolades, including: 

LGBTQ+ Podcast Of The Year (8).png
LGBTQ+ Podcast Of The Year (7).png
LGBTQ+ Podcast Of The Year (1).png
LGBTQ+ Podcast Of The Year (5).png
LGBTQ+ Podcast Of The Year (6).png
LGBTQ+ Podcast Of The Year.png
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There's more to the Hallowoods story! This show is only made possible by the support of its listening audience. Patrons receive bonus stories set in the world of the show, behind-the-scenes content, and more.



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