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Hello From The Hallowoods is a weekly horror podcast, with three short stories per episode narrated by the omnipresent Nikignik.

Influences include gothic fiction, folk and existential horror, and environmental dystopia. These often blend with themes of
queer love and identity.

Although each story is a short snapshot in the life of a character, they are all connected within the world of the Hallowoods, and past stories strongly influence current events. For this reason, it is recommended to begin listening at Episode One



William A. Wellman writes and produces the show, along with providing the voice of Nikignik, the narrator within the story's canon.

They are a gay/nonbinary horror author and writing coach, working to help queer authors tell their own stories. A debut novel set in the world of the Hallowoods is planned for 2022.
For more about coaching,
visit their website




Patrons are vital to the production of Hello From The Hallowoods, which currently runs without ads or sponsors. Proceeds help cover the time and cost involved in production, and go towards enabling future projects in the Hallowoods world. 

Patron benefits include a weekly bonus story, behind-the-scenes material, exclusive merchandise, monthly writing workshops and more. Click below for more information.


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