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Season 2 Fan Art Competition FAQ

How does payment/ownership work?

If selected for this competition, we'll ask that you sign a license allowing us to use this design for print merchandise. Feel free to feature it on your website or portfolio as well! 

In addition to the $200 prize, fan artists will receive 20% of profits from sales of their design (profits being the remainder after production and shipping costs). Proceeds delivered monthly, preferably via Paypal!

Is there any preference/restrictions on the media for this contest?

While all and any art (via sculpture, abstract fiber art, or interpretive dance) inspired by the show is incredible to see, in this competition there is a preference for digital art or even a photo of traditional art, since the hope is to feature the winning designs on store items.

Will I receive credit for my piece?

We'd love to feature your artist bio and any contacts/commissions links you have in the description for any merch item using this design! 

Is there a limit to the number of submissions I can make?

Nope, feel free to tag multiple pieces over the duration! 

Does it need to be new work?

Nope! If you have an existing piece that you think would be a fit, feel free to add it to the tags. 

Is there a specific kind of merch I should design for?

It's art first and a store item second! We'll try to find uses that compliment whatever the design may be, rather than starting with a merch item in mind. 

I have a question not on this page, where can I ask you about it?

Feel free to use the contact form on the home page of this site, or message us on social media at @thehallowoods (or @hellofromthehallowoods on TumblR). Thank you!

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