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Season 1

1 - Keys.png

Keys, our first episode, premiered on Halloween 2020. Start here!

3 - Books.png

Guest star Andrea Hilborn 

debuts as Valerie Maidstone. 

Guest star Arron Holman 

makes an appearance as Stonemaid activist Malcolm Riviera.

Features a poem written by Kat Wellman.

'Drinking & Screaming' star Charlene Bayer

debuts as the indescribable Xyzikxyz.

Spirits In The Spring, a live show episode for Streaming For Survivorsfits between episodes 18 and 19.

Features both the wonderful Mark Adams as Anderson Faust, and 'Hunter's Moon', a guest story by Callum Pearce

Guest star Bryce Corrigan

makes an appearance as Botco Doctor Velma Burfield.

Features 'The Ward of the Wisps', a guest story by Bradley Walker.

RWBY star Kdin Jenzen

debuts as Danielle O'Hara, and a return appearance by Andrea Hilborn.

Kdin Jenzen returns for a much larger part as Danielle.

The Season 1 Finale includes Kdin Jenzen, Andrea Hilborn, Charlene Bayerand Libby Wellman as Riot Maidstone.  

Lady Ethel BE.png

The Q&A with Lady Ethel Mallory and Nikignik episodes occur between seasons.

Season 2

The events of Athenaeums occur. This 4-part miniseries is  written by Theo Dixon and voiced by Jar of Rebuke's Casper Oliver

Season 2

Rescues kicks off Season 2 on Halloween 2021.

Andrea Hilborn and Libby Wellman reprise their roles as Valerie and Riot Maidstone.  

Old Bindings Final.png

Old Bindings, a live show episode for Streaming For Survivorsoccurs during Episode 67 and stars Casper Oliver. (Will air publicly fall 2022).

Harlan Guthrie of the 

Malevolent podcast appears as Stonemaid officer Dashiell Spade. 

84 - Interference.png

Kdin Jenzen reprises Danielle,
Daisy Guevara debuts as Melanie Flores, and
Steve Shell of Old Gods of Appalachia appears as Old Afterclaps. 


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